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April 21

Links: April 2014

Links from the last month:


  • Widely-reported astronomical discoveries included an asteroid with rings and the second object (after Sedna) ever to be found in the inner Oort cloud. Links go to the best articles I’ve seen on each topic.
  • Also in astronomy, a model of Enceladus’s ocean derived from gravitational anomolies. This doesn’t tell us much we didn’t already know, but it’s an interesting confirmation.
  • A lovely tribute to a strange sea slug.
  • And in more creature strangeness, a sexually-reversed insect.
  • A relatively obscure 17th century alchemist and inventor.
  • British Pathé released an extensive archive of historical television clips. It’s well worth a browse, and if you find some favourites I encourage you to link to them in the comments. Meanwhile, each of the following asterisks links to a different video to get you started: [********]. In my opinion the most interesting ones are often those that reflect changing social attitudes.


  • For when you have plenty of time: the original Cosmos series on Youtube.
  • Christie Wilcox shares a dream. (Have you ever dreamed about a new species of animal? One of mine last year featured a migrating desert snail monotreme, but even in the dream I didn’t get to touch it; just saw the news report.)
  • Cityscape timelapse with a difference.


April 20


At Eastercon, having a good time in spite of migraine and lack of migraine tablets (now rectified). Got to see a lot of friends, although haven't caught up with everyone. Been to several good panels, in some of which I was that annoying person typing away on the iPad (partly because of the migraine - typing notes was the only way I'd remember a word of it two hours later). There will be at least a partial con report at some point, because I wrote up much of Friday the same night.

I've been a lot more mobile than last year, when I skipped Eastercon altogether because I knew I would be too tired and sore to enjoy it. For the future - I have signed up for full membership of the now-seated 2015 bid, @Dysprosiumcon although not sure yet if I'll be able to make it. Jacey has convinced me to at least consider Milford when I finish the urban fantasy, as I'd like to workshop it through the sf side even if I submit it to a romance publisher. I've not signed up for Novacon, because I probably won't have the time/energy after Worldcon, but maybe this will be the year I finally go...

If you're here and still haven't seen me, come and say hello sometime. I'm here until tomorrow afternoon.

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April 15

"Dear Landlord, the boiler? That was broken? And then was bodged fixed? Yeah, that’s not...

"Dear Landlord, the boiler? That was broken? And then was bodged fixed? Yeah, that’s not working again. Also the immersion heater’s fucked, and - and this is a really low priority, for some time when someone’s free - the extractor fan in the bathroom’s kaput"


And so I’m working from home today…